#IAMELLADA: The Concept

“Walk through the paths of tradition, feed your mind and soul, taste the euphoria…I am Greece.

A trip in history through the Pontian flavours and heritage, an ancient super food to feed body and mind, a monovarietal olive oil that arouses the senses… Meet the unique products of our land, the stories of its people and the authenticity of Greece.

The LOV.E synergy comes from a group of 3 dynamic and different women whose common passion for gastronomic quality and creativity united them. The LOV.E concept demonstrates that, through local, artisan products that hide within them the passion, the work and the “meraki”, a holistic experience is created; one that is not limited to tasting but embraces and arouses all our senses! A truly flavorful trip across Greece, from Antigono of Macedonia to Alexandroupolis of Thrace and to Kalentzi of Corinth.

We invite our guests to…
Experience Greece through its flavors and aromas.
Discover hidden gastronomic gems.
Create memories that will stay with them forever.
Share their experience and become LOV.E ambassadors.

Welcome to the LOV.E experience!

Lygistis – Oleosophia – Vrosis – Ellada!

Contact info:

Lygistis/Tradifresh: Eleni -Klelia Chaimeli
Email: info@tradifresh.com.gr
Telephone: (+30) 6942 615955

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