Florina’s Red Roasted pepper spread


The quality of the raw materials used for the company's products based on Florina’s red peppers as well as the place of raw materials production are the most important factors for us.

Other features on which the choice of raw material is based are the flavor, the taste, the color, the variety and also the utter characteristics of the product.

Some of the features that the raw materials should follow based on the company’s criteria are the following:

  • length 12-14cm and diameter 3-4cm with a sweet flavor and thick flesh
  • the bright red color and the outer surface of the pepper to be smooth, shiny and with no deteriorations due to disease or any other cause
  • acidity (pH) 3.0 - 3.4

The process of making the finished products is made using high technology with a traditional-oriented approach so that the valuable nutrients of the Florina’s red pepper are not affected or destroyed.

They are usually produced in September and October, during the ripening of the red peppers while getting the appropriate color, sugars and a fine flavor and taste.

The company aims to make a 100% natural product at all stages of the production process with no preservatives or other industrial processing ingredients.

All our products follow the modern nutritional trends being high in nutritional value and are certified in accordance with national and international regulations.

All ingredients are produced in the prefecture of Florina and are collected and processed within a few hours to maintain the freshness, the flavor, the taste and the quality.

They are suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and Gluten – free consumers. The products have No preservatives and are pesticide residues free, all are certified based on lab tests.

Also, they are Pasteurized with a safety stripe to ensure the quality and healthy consumption of the product.

Ideal for the Mediterranean nutrition and perfectly combined with legumes, meat and many more along with fresh herbs from Western Macedonia. It is also served as a dip or dressing in salads.


Florina’s Red Roasted pepper

I am Lygistis, Florina’s red roasted pepper, dressed in red since I was a little. Everyone is my friend, they like me as I am and my flavor. So, I make them happy all day long as I bring the delice in your dish. Sandwiches, snacks, vegan burgers, plain or in desserts and in many other dishes...


Florina’s Red Roasted pepper soft spread

My name is Lygistis, a soft roasted Florina’s Red Roasted pepper spread with no preservatives, rich in vitamins, healthy and I can’t wait for you to try me! I love savory or sweet dishes and enjoy a mouthful experience for your palate as a dressing, salad or dip. It can be safely consumed by all ages and it is allergen-free.


Florina’s Red Roasted pepper hot spread

My name is Lygistis, hot spread. I am HOT and maybe not for everyone, maybe only for those who really love me. I want to spice up your pizzas and cheeses, arrabbiata sauces and pastas of your preference. Spread my hotness in hand made calzone, on top of French fries, along side with any meat and many more.


Florina’s Red Roasted pepper spread with aubergine

My name is Lygistis, a Florina’s Red Roasted pepper spread and I am dating the flavor of aubergine to offer a wonderful, delicious, healthy, no preservative palate experience. I can’t wait for Sunday BBQs with friends and family to enjoy this tradilicious spread with any meat of your choice.


Florina’s Red Roasted pepper spread with tomato and carrot

My name is Lygistis, a Florina’s Red Roasted pepper spread and together with my friends tomato and carrot we offer you a unique opportunity to create little cooking miracles in your kitchen. Go ahead and find my colorful combinations in legumes, pizza, shrimps, meat, pasts and many more.


Florina’s Red Roasted pepper spread with tomato and aubergine

My name is Lygistis, a Florina’s Red Roasted pepper spread with tomato and aubergine, and culinary masterpiece is my expertise. In every bite of burger, quiche Loraine, pie, stew I travel your flavors from Greece to all over the world.


«Mother Earth's treasures on your table»

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