Greek Land


Florina’s red peppers after traveling from South America to Europe with Christopher Columbus in the 16th century, have arrived in Western Macedonia a hundred years later.

Florina, Prespes, Veria, Aridea & Kozani welcomed the new exotic veggie. In Florina, due to its fertile land, the red pepper flourished and by 1950 it turned into an important product of the region.

Florina’s red peppers are the Western Macedonian variety of the red pepper with the sweet flavor. Florina has proven to be the ideal place for its cultivation, as the pepper itself withstands drought and cold, due to the climate that prevails in the area.

The original Florina’s red pepper has a sweet flavor and is fleshy, with a delta-shaped body that gives its native name "platika", meaning "wide". It is planted according to the weather conditions, from late April to early May. It turns green in July and matures from late August to early September after it gets its red color.


«Mother Earth's treasures on your table»

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